I have Spent 25 years so far on this earth, God willing I will spend 50 or 60 more. First generation Romanian-American, trying to rediscover old customs that seem to be lost on so many foreign residents. You could say I’ve seen a thing or two, been around the block a few times.

Growing up in a strict religious household will do this to you. Communist defectors for parents who escaped the oppressive regime of that bastard Ceaușescu will set the environment for old country rules and a misunderstood fear of a King who resides in the world above this one. Grow up, find family on the Sacramento streets, live that exciting vandal life.

Move across the country, play music, have fun, get lost in reckless adventure. I seem to have done it all, or at least everything the 16-year-old me could ever dream of. My wild actions soon brought me to the brink of destruction. Here, at the lowest of lows in my life I could finally surrender to a savior whom I misunderstood and never properly spent the time to get to know. Funny how a simple act of humility can change-up your entire world.

Sometimes I get stuck in my mind like we all do from time to time, so I thought it necessary to collaborate and express with other writers, think of it as a “you show me yours I’ll show you mine” kind of thing. The rest will soon be history.

Enjoy, for the following posts will indeed contain the uncut necessity required to properly show you the inner workings of my mind.

– James Titus Toderean


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