Elvira, my love.

I see my beauty off in the distance, her summer dress dancing gently in the breeze. With sunlight surrounding her I watch as she kneels down to pick some flowers in the field, hidden like a gem in the vast mountains. I stop and lean against a tree, admiring this elegance before me. Her long dark hair flows delicately as the current of air ruffles the tips. A smile spreads across her face as she sees me. The sight of it is so wonderful that it would stop any man dead in his tracks.

My heart quickens its rhythmic tempo as I walk over to her. A “hello mister,” greets me and I melt. She stands up and lands a light kiss on my cheek. Holding her close I see her eyes close half way as she buries her face in my chest, a sigh of happiness escapes her soft red lips.

Joy overflows inside of me as I realize how lucky I am to have a lady like this who absolutely adores me. A woman willing to spend the rest of her life with me, grow old and cherish the memories that we create. The world slows down and seems to make sense with her next to me. Courage builds up deep inside my being as she inspires me to push forward, to take this life and make something wonderful out of it. Whatever stresses that have followed me in my day seem to disappear with her embrace.

She has shown me the romance of the world, taking away the cold grip of sorrow that has tried to ensnare me. I don’t think, not even for a second, that God ever intended for man to be alone. Having her in my life gives validation to this idea. You see when the heart has something to love, it is if as nothing can ever stop you.

A songbird’s melody plays all around us as I slip my finger under her chin and lift her eyes up towards mine, losing myself in the exquisiteness contained within them. Slowly, I lean my face towards her and touch my lips against her satin skin. Moments like these let me know everything will be ok.


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