The Paper Chase

Taking a seat on the hard concrete I watch as humanity passes me by, lost in their own little worlds. So busy building earthly kingdoms that the progress of the soul seems to have been given up a few desires ago. They chase, mindlessly they chase after the freshest styles. The lies of popularity clinging to every new thing they acquire. Happiness, the ever-elusive dream of security that we seek out our whole lives with high hopes of finding. Yet, just when we seem to locate it the tricky emotion slips through our outstretched fingers.

We wake up and join the coffee brigade. Caffeine mixed with dreams of success push us forward through the haze of the 9 – 5 day. What does it all mean? Do we feel that keeping ourselves insanely busy somehow gives validation to our existence? Accomplishing new feats and finishing deadlines has become our sole interest. It’s always one more check to add to the diminishing bank account. We just need enough to buy that new trinket and then we’ll be ok. “Look at me, look at me!” We all seem to scream the same thing. Attempting to show others how great we are, how much we can succeed.

Hide your problems and become a contributing member to society. This is the lie that is ingrained in our minds from the day of birth. Put aside childish fantasies, it is time to grow up and prove your own worth. We are told that everyone has to join the rat race at some point. Since when did your annual income make you a great person? What happened to character and kindness towards your fellow neighbor being the determining facts of what a successful individual was?

Now, don’t get me wrong, being able to survive and support yourself is an honorable trait, but is that really everything there is to get out of life? It seems all the stress we build up during the paper chase develops and matures into all sorts of disorders and anxieties. We become broken and destroyed by the frantic pace of this hectic world. We then run to the personality surgeons in hopes of receiving a cure. “Fix me, please,” we beg. Thoughts of once again being peaceful float around in our heads. “Take this magical pill,” the suit behind the desk replies. “It should do well to blow away the demons that hover over your skies.”



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